Our first interview with Ben Peters and Juliet Harding of @goodlucklive for the short documentary “Art of the Lockdown” – about artists who reinvent themselves during the lockdown, documenting it, creating something unique, and engaged with their communities in a meaningful way. Director / Producer, Warren Mac Carthy, and co-producer, Carina Bruwer.

Ben and Jules compliment each other beautifully, often finishing each other’s thoughts! They were full of useful insights, and showed courageous hearts. During the lockdown, they were invited to be a part of a feeding scheme for a day with charity organization, Where Rainbows Meet, in the hard-hit suburb Vrygrond.

“On the first day, they only had three large pots of food and it was gone before we had finished serving the long line of children waiting for a meal. Not a single adult was fed before we finished the three pots!”

Realizing the urgency of the situation, Ben and Jules then created a BackABuddy campaign to raise funds and within relatively short time raised over half a million rand – which went to the Solidarity Fund!

“It’s really been extraordinary to be part of this and see the fans and the public’s support in this time of need for this desperate community!” Jules

Watch their show The Luckdown Live on Youtube and FB! A lot of positivity has come from this channel, which connects with various inspiring and creative people in the community.